A guide to pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings across Europe

The Deloitte Legal Guide to Pre-insolvency & Insolvency Proceedings details the functioning of European insolvency law, the objectives of harmonization at the national level among European countries, and the different amicable procedures (early restructuring) and judicial proceedings (insolvency) applicable in each of the 19 participating countries.

European insolvency law is being transformed. Change is being driven by two events - the new EU Regulation on Insolvency of 2015, and the harmonization project of EU member state insolvency laws. These events are expected to reduce legal obstacles and eliminate discrepancies among national insolvency laws in the EU, giving more predictability to banks and investors. This will likely enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of Europe and, ultimately, encourage employment.

The Deloitte Legal network brings together more than 50 insolvency specialists from 19 European countries (both members and non-members of the EU).

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