Corporate Compliance and Legal Entity Management

Managing risk and global compliance to maintain focus on operational excellence

Deloitte assists companies in managing efficient, consistent, and cost-effective global corporate compliance.

Element, a Deloitte Legal technology tool that supports the end-to-end corporate compliance and legal entity management process, can help increase efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

With Element, Deloitte provides a comprehensive framework for actively managing global corporate compliance:

  • Assessment of current compliance status: Corporate status check, consistency analysis, and remediation recommendations.
  • Corporate compliance maintenance: Recurring corporate compliance matters including board of directors and shareholder meeting minutes, statutory filings, and general corporate housekeeping.
  • Special events: Periodic changes and events regulated by law, including meetings, constitutional changes, and set-up of subsidiaries or branches.

Watch the video below to learn how Element can help manage complexity and risk, giving better control of data and insight into the corporate compliance process.

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